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Started by NoMotivation, 11-21-19 at 12:45 AM

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Hypo: Teacher wants to prevent Course Content taught to Student for Big Bucks from becoming public information, since such disclosure would be adverse to Teacher's business model and prevent Teacher from raking in Big Bucks.  Teacher institutes, among other Policies, a no-recording policy with respect to lectures.  Student does not intend to record lectures or infringe any copyrightable material of Teacher's, but does want to know if, irrespective of Teacher's preferences, he can (a) take notes (permissible under Policies); (b) disseminate the gist of the Course Content online, (c) discuss said Course Content with Teacher and other students, and (d) discuss said Course Content with Third Parties not subject to Teacher's Policies and/or NDA.

Is an NDA the only way for Teacher to prevent Student from said dissemination, and to what extent would the NDA make the basic ideas behind the Course Content protectable, in each of the above scenarios?  E.g., with respect to (a), if Student loses his notes at the library and their content is subsequently disseminated, can Student be held liable?--thereby making any note-taking a liability that Student would prefer to avoid entirely?  If an NDA is in place between Student and Teacher, do the basic ideas behind the Course Content become trade secrets?
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