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attached vs connected, which is broader

Started by cmabill, 01-14-24 at 06:33 PM

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connected vs attached,

two vertical panel, one edge of the panel is against the surface of another panel, both are upright vertical. I am sorry I can't upload a picture.

which one is better? if the material might be metal, glass, and wooden etc panel, different material may need different method to attach with each other.

how to write the claim including ALL the possible materials and methods?

thanks in advance.


Depending on the context, something might be connected without being attached.  Think of a wire brush in a DC motor.  There is definitely a connection between rotor's commutator and the stator via the brush, meaning the rotor and the stator are connected, but they are by definition not attached to each other, because such attachment would prevent rotation and disable the rotary functionality of the motor.
I'm not your lawyer and I'm not giving you legal advice.  Consult a registered practitioner.


thank you, then I know I should use attach

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